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The Hottest Toys for Christmas 2010

where to find them and where to find the best deal! 

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Toy What is it? Where you can find it and for how much

Pillow Pets

Recommended Age: 18 Months to 4 years 

Retail Price: $24.99


These are not just great stuffed animals, but they can serve as the perfect car or naptime pillow too. With choices like a unicorn, a ladybug, a puppy, a dolphin, a penguin, and even a monkey, there are probably a few that your child would like to add to his or her budding collection of plush creatures perfect for sleep or resting fun


ToysRUs  $19.99


OrangeOnions $8.99

Take $1.00 Off Every Cuddlee Pet Pillow Use Code: CUDDLEE  exp 12/31


eToys  $19.99  $24.99

Mattel Sing-A-Ma-Jigs

Recommended Age: 3 years and up  

Retail Price: $12.99

Sing-a-Ma-Jigs are a set of four colorful small plush toys that sing when you press their tummies. They also harmonize their voices when you press all of them together

eToys   $12.99

CookiesKids $12.99


WalMart $9 $12.99

Nerf N-Strike Stampede Blaster

Recommended Age: 8 years and up

Retail Price: $54.99

 the latest iteration of Hasbro's wildly-popular Nerf blaster gun toys, is the first fully-automatic blaster. It comes with three six-dart clips, a pop-out bipod and a removable shield

ToysRUs  $49.99 FREE NERF Ammo with purchase

WalMart+ BONUS $10 eGift Card $44.00

Kmart Special Value Pack $45.99

Kinect Sensor for Xbox 360 

Recommended Age:

Retail Price: $149.99

Another choice in the world of motion activated video games and accessories, unlike its predecessor the Wii, this one simply attaches to your current XBOX. Also unlike it’s Nintendo companion, there aren’t any real controllers with this one. It’s wholly voice-activated, and thanks to a 3-D camera and the microphones that come with the system, players are inside the games themselves.   $207.77

CompUSA $149.99

TigerDirect $149.99


WalMart Bundle with Choice of Game SOLD OUT


Mac Connection $149.99


Recommended Age: 7 and up 

Retail Price: $39.99

Loopz plays a pattern of sounds and lights that the player then has to memorize and follow.The toy has a motion sensor which detects a player's movement and knows if a player has correctly repeated sound and light patterns. The game becomes increasingly difficult the better the player gets.

Boscovs $34.99 $34.99

eToys  $29.99

Meijer $34.99 $34.80

ToysRUs $29.99

Discovery Channel Store  $39.99 25% off storewide with Code: INSIDER exp 11/10 $25.64

Kmart $26.99 $23.99

Kohl's $34.99

The History Channel $39.99

S&S Worldwide  $54.99

Leapster Explorer

Recommended Age: 4 - 9

Retail Price: $69.99

The Explorer includes e-books, videos, game apps, and flash cards covering topics such as reading, math and science. There's also a Pet Pad App that lets kids create and customize a pet and earn tokens to feed, bathe, and entertain the pet.

The Explorer comes with 12 games and 18 learning apps, a touch-screen, a Linux-based operating system, ability to run Flash, video, 3-D graphics, and 512MB of memory

Meijer  $57.99

Boscov's $69.99

Best Buy $59.99  Backordered $64.99

Academic Superstore $69.99

J&R $69.00

ToysRUs  $59.99

UnbeatableSale, Inc.  $41.55  $60.99 $59.99

Barnes & Noble $69.99 $69.99

Baby Alive Bouncin' Babbles Baby Doll

Recommended Age: 3 years and up  

Retail Price: $24.99


Your BOUNCIN BABBLES doll is so happy to spend time with you that you can see it in everything she does! Hold your little ones hands and shell bounce up and down, just like a real baby. But this bouncing bundle of joy wants to tell you how excited she is, too as she bounces shell make happy baby sounds! Let your baby doll bounce to her hearts delight and then cuddle her close with lots of love!  ToysRUs $24.99 FREE Baby Alive Super Refill Pack with purchase exp 11/24 $19 SOLD OUT

eToys $29.99 $19


V. Reader

Recommended Age: 3 -7

Retail Price: $59.99

Kids can either listen to the story as read by animated characters and follow along or touch the screen and play reading games. V.Reader helps with reading comprehension, vocabulary, phonics, and word building. Barnes & Noble $59.99

Meijer  $59.99 $59.99


Wal-Mart $54 shipped

ToysRus $54.99  $59.99

etoys $59.99 $54.99 shipped

Comp-U-Plus $56.49

Kohl's $64.99

Sam's Club $59.88 Sam's Club membership required for purchase

Imaginext Bigfoot the Monster

Recommended Age: 3 years and up

Retail Price: $109.99

Bigfoot comes with a tot-friendly remote control so he can stomp around the house with your little one. He’s fully rechargeable, and most little consumers will love the fact that he can not only walk both backward and forward, but he can also do flips, breathe, and even burp, all to the delight of any three to five year old child

ToysRUs $89.99

WalMart $84.88

Boscov's $89.99

Kohl's $99.99 $89.99

Barbie 2010 Holiday Doll

Recommended Age: 6+ 

Retail Price: $56.99


 Celebrate the holiday season in style with the Barbie Collector 2010 Holiday Doll. Dressed in a snowy white gown with red and gold accents, Barbie is ready for winter wonderland festivities. Ideal for the adult collector but suitable for children six and up, this special-occasion Barbie's fabulous dress and accessories will give your collection a merry holiday touch. Buy $41.89 shipped

eToys $44.99

ToysRUs  $44.99

WalMart $35.00 shipped

Boscovs $39.99


Bill Bam's Collectibles



Kmart With Free Necklace $39.99


Kohl's  $44.99 $37.54 shipped

Barbie Video Girl Doll

Recommended Age: 6+ 

Retail Price: $49.99


It's Barbie® doll vision! Create movies from Barbie® doll's point-of-view with a real video camera inside Barbie® doll (camera lens is in the necklace and video screen on back). Includes USB plug-in cord. KMart $47.29 $48.70

Boscov's $49.99

Toys R Us $44.99 $49.99 $39 shipped $54.99 10% off use code: GET10PCT $47.29 $49.99

Barnes & Noble $49.99

Kohl's $59.99

Matchbox Stinky The Garbage Truck

Recommended Age: 3+

Retail Price: $59.99


Stinky the Garbage Truck from Matchbox is an interactive, working garbage truck with a hilarious, larger-than-life personality. As the newest addition to the Big Rig Buddies line, Stinky features sensory points, an articulated body that allows his head and front half to move, and over 90 phrases and sounds. Kids aged 3 and up will be eager to make Stinky their best interactive buddy Meijer  $59.99

Wal-Mart $49 $58.64

Boscov's $59.99

etoys $59.99

Toys R Us $49.99 $53.99 $49.99 shipped

Kmart $53.99  $64.99 10% off use code: GET10PCT

Barnes & Noble$59.99

Kohl's  $69.99 

Dance Star Mickey

Recommended Age: 8 - 12 years

Retail Price: $69.99

Watch Mickey come to life right before your eyes! What could make him more realistic than ever? Now Mickey walks, talks, and dances his way into history! Featuring new moves and grooves like you've never seen before. With multiple songs, interactive activities, and silly humor, Mickey is sure to knock your socks off

Meijer  SOLD OUT






Recommended Age: 4+ 

Retail Price: $10.99

 Squinkies is a small doll toy that comes packed in a ball. When kids open the ball, they'll find a Squinkies surprise inside  


Toys R Us  $10.99 




LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle

Recommended Age: 8 - 14 years 

Retail Price: $149.99

  Look inside the castle to reveal incredible details, like Dumbledore’s office with sliding stairs, the Slytherin and Gryffindor common rooms, the Restricted Section of the library and the Great Hall decorated in Slytherin and Gryffindor colors


ToysRus  $149.99 shipped $129.99 shipped

Entertainment Earth SOLD OUT SOLD OUT $129.99

Scrabble Flash Cubes

Recommended Age: 8 and up 

Retail Price: $34.99

Scrabble Flash offers a compact, modern version of the classic game that people of all vocabulary levels can enjoy. Play one of the two solo games, or swap tiles to win against a friend. Ideal for road trips or family vacations, Scrabble Flash delivers word-building excitement in a convenient, portable size Meijer  $27.99 $29.99 

Toys R Us $19.49

AreYouGame $28.99 $28.98

Boscov's SCRABBLE® Flash & SCRABBLE® Slam Value Pack   $34.99 With Bonus Scrabble Slam Game SOLD OUT

Barnes & Noble $31.45 shipped

Kmart $23.99

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