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Auction FAQs

As a registered Piepoints Member you are able to place items up for bid or bid on items with your Piepoints at the Piepoint Auction.

You will need to register separately at the auction website to receive your password so you can bid.

Please read the following guidelines for using the auction

following these will help make the auction a fun and rewarding part of Piepoints for everyone!

When Bidding

Each member may win a maximum of 7 auction items a month 

Each member may only have a maximum of 5 high bids at one time

Bids placed should be a minimum of 5 points higher that the current high bid but NOT more than 500 points higher than the current high bid (this does not include those items with minimum reserve bids listed)

Please remember to place User Feedback when you receive your item

 This link will give you the option to search for a user then you can read the feedback or place your own

You may use the new proxy option if you want at this time

There are several systems of "proxy" bids; i.e. the system bidding for you automatically. The system in the EveryAuction software is called "MaxBid." Think of 'Max' as someone who stays and watches the auction 24 hours a day while you're off doing more interesting stuff. You activate 'Max' by entering the highest amount you are willing to pay for an item into the "place bid" box. The system will then bid for you, bidding only enough to make you the high bidder. If someone tops that bid, good old 'Max' places another bid for you and so on up to the maximum amount you've specified. Under no circumstances will 'Max' ever bid MORE than you said. But the system will send you e-mail about an outbid and you can give 'Max' a few more bucks to play with, if you like. Just enter another bid amount.

Please allow up to 4 weeks to receive your winning

Sellers have the option of placing a reserve bid amount on their items and are not obliged to sell that item at any amount lower than the reserve

Auction bidding will NOT stop IF a bid is placed within 5 minutes of that bid ending it will continue until 5 minutes have passed with no new bids

Make sure you have your contact information is up to date in the auction registration or you may not receive your winnings if your address is not correct-click here to update your information if anything has changed

When placing an item up for auction please remember the following

The item needs to be sold for Piepoints only-no cash is to be exchanged at this auction board so s/h should be covered in the total bid amount

If you choose to use a minimum reserve bid it is helpful to list the amount in the description section so other members have an idea of how high to bid

Sellers have up to 4 weeks for items to arrive at the winners destination-if there are repeated unexplained problems with members receiving their winnings within that time frame from a specific seller that seller will no longer have auction privileges and all Piepoints received from the auction sale will be reversed

If you need to upload a picture for the auction, you can upload pictures at

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