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Are you tired of clicking and ending up with nothing but boredom and tired fingers?  Sick of companies going out of business with your hard earned points? Me Too!
   I have created a program which is unique and rewarding. I try to keep boredom to a minimum and rewards at a maximum. Fun ways to earn points.. . yes there is clicking and signups but there are also trivia, games, surveys and contests. You can even get rewarded for choosing your favorites in reality tv and getting your flu shot! Plus we have a special program for your kids so they can have fun and get rewarded too!

What makes this program different than the others and has kept us alive for 11 years is the fact that we are not just a reward program but our own online community with sponsors and members who support the program by donating prizes and time so that everyone get rewarded. Join us now and see what you've been missing!!

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