Piepoints Sponsor Prize Donation Application 

Sign up now to be included in this years 9th annual Piepoints One Day Black Friday Online Party and Sale! (click here to see last years sale page) Fill out this form or Email me letting me know you are interested in sponsoring this event ASAP

Piepoint Sponsors get lifetime links on both Piepoints.com and CMMS

To be a Piepoint Sponsor all you need to do is donate at least one item to be used in a Piepoint promotion of my choosing. Future opportunities in upcoming promotions will also be available to you. In exchange for a prize donation with a minimum value of $15 (including s/h costs) you will receive special advertising and rewards offered to Piepoint members for making a purchase at your website.  

Fill out the form below to begin

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I understand that the prize donations will be used where Beth feels best utilized and that the prizes need to be sent out in a timely manner. Failure to do so could be grounds for removal from the Piepoint Sponsor program